Where can I hike, bike and backpack in the Madison area?

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Green trees near a creek

Best backpacking, hiking and biking trails in Southwest Wisconsin

If you’re like us, you’ve had enough of winter. Spring is finally starting to arrive, which means we can start planning some great outdoor activities. One of the best things to do in Wisconsin is find a backpacking, hiking or biking trail to enjoy a few hours on. Madison and other areas in the Southwest of the state offer plenty in terms of great places to adventure. If you’re curious about our favorites, keep on reading! Read the rest of this entry »

Jeep’s 4×4 system details and information

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Jeep Wrangler Rubicon model

What is the difference between full time and part time 4×4 systems?

If you’re familiar with Jeep, you know that the brand does everything it its power to make sure that its vehicles are equipped to travel off the beaten path. One of the ways that Jeep makes sure each model has this unique capability is by employing 4×4 systems. There are several different types of four-wheel drive systems across the Jeep lineup, and some of them are either full-time or part-time. Curious what the difference is? Keep on reading to find out the answer below!
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2017 Chrysler 200 interior and exterior photo gallery

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Black Chrysler 200 model exterior

If you’re in the market for an efficient, good-looking sedan, you’re in luck. The 2017 Chrysler 200 is available on our lot and ready for you to take home! If you’re curious about what the interior and exterior of the model look like, we’ve put together a simple photo gallery below. Check that out, and if you like what you see, be sure to schedule a test drive via our simple, online scheduling system. We can’t wait to get you into the car of your dreams! Read the rest of this entry »

What new paint shade is Ram offering on its powerful truck trim?

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Close up of 2017 Ram Laramie Longhorn model

Available color updates for 2017 Ram Laramie Longhorn models

When it comes to finding the perfect vehicle, you may be looking for items like updated technology, efficiency and power. While all of those things are nice to have, something that often doesn’t get considered until the end is the color. If you’ve been looking for a brand-new truck and the Ram lineup has caught your attention, you should know that one of the brand’s trim levels will be getting a new color option. Curious as to what that might be? Check out the available 2017 Ram Laramie Longhorn paint colors below, and see which one is new!
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Jeep will reveal two new models at the 51st annual Safari event

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Jeep Switchback model sneak peak

What new models will be at the 2017 Easter Jeep Safari?

Every year around Easter, Jeep and Mopar brands join up to create new concept Jeep models. These models are displayed at what’s known as the Easter Jeep Safari. This is the 51st year that the Safari will have taken place, and it’s going to be big. Jeep has already revealed two of the concept models – the Quicksand and Switchback – that are to make their debut between April 8 – 16, 2017. If you’d like to learn a bit more about the models and what to expect, keep on reading. We’ve done a bit of homework on the topic.
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Celebrate Easter with family and friends in the Tri-State area

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Happy Easter with Egg Basket

Restaurants open for 2017 Easter Brunch near Dubuque IA

It seems like only yesterday we turned our clocks forward, and we’re already looking at Easter. That’s right – Easter lands on April 16, 2017, which means it’s time to start planning. If you’ve considered hosting an Easter gathering, but the thought of dishes makes you want to reconsider, try one of the many restaurants in Dubuque IA. Several of them are open for Easter brunch this year, which means that you and yours can celebrate, then not have to worry about cleaning up the mess. Check out a few of your options below! Read the rest of this entry »

FCA offers more information on the 2018 Demon model before release

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Dodge Demon harness bar

Differences between the Dodge SRT Demon and Challenger Hellcat

When it comes to finding the right car, there are plenty of items to consider. One of the things you might be looking at is performance, especially if you’re someone who’s addicted to feeling the power while you drive. Dodge is one of America’s most power-minded brands, and that’s no shocker to those who follow it. Lately, Dodge has been teasing its new 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon model, which is slated to be released at the New York Auto Show in April. If you’re curious about the differences between the new model and the beloved Challenger Hellcat, keep on reading! Read the rest of this entry »

Jeep offers new gadgets and graphics on the new Compass model

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Jeep Cpmpass front grille view

What accessories are available on the 2017 Jeep Compass?

If you’re a fan of Jeep, you’re probably already aware that the brand offers an impressive amount of features and accessories. While that may be the case, Jeep recently announced that it would be providing more than ninety extra accessories and additives to drivers of the new Jeep Compass. If you’ve been looking into the Compass and are curious which ones are available on the 2017 model, look no further. We’ve done a bit of research and are excited to share our favorite ones with you!
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Madison St. Patty’s Day event information, date, and time

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Two girls at St. Patty's Day parade

2017 St. Patrick’s Day parade and events in Madison WI

If you’ve been looking forward to a good St. Patrick’s Day celebration, your time is nearly here! You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate (on St. Patty’s Day, everyone is Irish), so make sure you head to Madison, WI to partake in this year’s parade! There will be contests and events during the parade, along with naming the Irish Family of the Year. If all of these things sound like a good time, keep on reading for more information regarding the parade’s route and parking! Read the rest of this entry »

Ubersox becomes a Ram Certified Agriculture Dealership

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Ram model in the snow

What is the Ram Trucks AgPack?

Drivers in the market for a truck model likely have a reason for needing a strong vehicle. Those who are in the Platteville area – like many of Ubersox Auto Group’s customers – may want to use their trucks for farming purposes. Because the dealership is customer-focused, gaining Certified Agriculture Status was a no-brainer. If you’re curious about where Ram’s partnership with farmers began, what it takes for a dealership to get certified, and what certified dealerships have to offer, keep on reading!
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