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Adam Crist - Barneveld

Stacey Gengler - Business Link Manager

BusinessLink is a Chrysler program for commercial vehicles in Dubuque Iowa that is available to small to medium-size business owners here at Ubersox Auto Group. This free program helps to outfit businesses with the vehicles and equipment that they need to be successful and grow.

Here at Ubersox, Dubuque Iowa, we know that when a business needs a vehicle, they need it right away. Owners do not have time to shop around or wait for special orders and that is what makes the BusinessLink program so great. Ubersox has a great selection of quality commercial cars, vans and trucks in stock that are available to all of our BusinessLink customers. Ubersox can personalize any truck or van to be exactly what you need for your specific business. We can outfit trucks with work tools like uplift kits and snowplows, we can put custom shelving in vans, or anything else that you would like done. All of our commercial vehicles are specially adapted to meet the needs of all types of business.

It’s important to us that our BusinessLink customers get everything that they need out of their commerical vehicles. So that is why we have BusinessLink managers on-site at our dealership locations whose sole job is to make sure that our BusinessLink customers are happy and have everything that they need to stay successful in business. Stacey Gengler is in charge of commercial sales at the Platteville WI locations and Adam Crist is in charge of our commercial sales at the Barneveld WI location.

There are many additional benefits that are only offered to our BusinessLink customers. Our Next-Bay-Service means that BusinessLink customers are always next up in line for service or repairs. We also offer extended service hours to help you get your commercial vehicles back on the road and back to work as soon as possible when they need repairs. Anytime that you purchase a new vehicle with BusinessLink it comes with a free alternate transportation contract. So if your vehicle needs to be repaired or serviced or repaired, we will provide you with a loaner vehicle at no charge. We also offer 24-hour towing to our dealership and free shuttle rides back to your business. These are just some of the many benefits to signing up for the BusinessLink program with Ubersox Auto Group.