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Do you need maintenance for your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram, then come on over to Ubersox Chrysler in Platteville. We have an Express Lane that can handle oil and filter changes, chassis lube, tire rotation and brake inspection, air filter replacements, checkups, and various other maintenance services all done fast, done right, and done without an appointment. If you need more than just routine maintenance, then you can schedule an appointment and let our experts get to the bottom of all your car problems. We can handle everything up to and including major powertrain problems. When you let Ubersox Chrysler work on your vehicle, you can be sure that your vehicle is in good hands.

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The experience that we have in our service department is second to none. This team can take care of anything that may be wrong with your Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, or Jeep, but more importantly they will take care of it the right way. They have factory training which ensures that they can always deliver the best service for your vehicle. This service team is uncompromising. They believe in creating harmony between man and machine. They will always get your vehicle running and perfectly in tune. You don't just want your vehicle back in working order, you want your vehicle back in a condition that makes you excited to drive it every day. The team at Ubersox Chrysler can deliver that to you right here in Platteville.

The team at Ubersox Chrysler wants to take care of you when you bring your car in for service. We have our Express Lane which can take care of the most common maintenance extremely fast, but our service department is no slouch either. No matter what you come in here for, you can be sure that we will take care of everything in the most timely manner possible. We will only provide you with accurate and detailed estimates for your service so that you know exactly what to expect. We will always treat you as a friend here at Ubersox Chrysler. Let us show you how service should be handled. The moment you come to us, you can expect all the worries and stress that normally goes with vehicle service, to simply melt away.

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Your vehicle needs to have the right parts to make it go, make it stop, make it reliable, and make it safe. When you come to Ubersox Chrysler you can get the right parts for your Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, or Jeep. These are Mopar parts, and that means a genuine OEM part for your vehicle. When your vehicle was designed they took their time. They wanted to make sure that everything was just right. Every part was built to work perfectly with your vehicle, and to bring your vehicle back to being the great vehicle that you fell in love with in the first place, you are going to need the same parts that it was built with. That's what genuine OEM parts can do for you. Our team will make sure that you have the right parts, especially if you are looking to install the part yourself. Ubersox Chrysler will always be a place that does right by you when it comes to parts.

We want you to have the right parts right away. That is why we have built such comprehensive parts inventory right here in Platteville. Now you can almost always get what you need without delay. If we need to order a part for you, then we will be more than happy to do that for you, and we can always get our parts quick. You should never have to wait long for any part that you need. If you are not looking forward to that parts installation, then let us take care of it for you. Our service team has experience replacing every part on essentially every Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram model. With our team on the job, you can be sure that everything was taken care of the right way. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the parts that we can provide or the services that we can perform, then stop by and see us, give us a call, or send us an email. When our customers are in need, we want to be there to help.